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Hydrogen Generation


While Hydrogen is a means of powering other things, it too needs power in order to be generated.  Hydrogen in modern means is generated from the splitting of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen in water molecules.  This is done through a process called electrolysis and requires electricity to be done.  Once it is generated, it can be stored for later use or used right away.  Hydrogen has great potential in things from cars to powering your grill.  One day, we could be making our own hydrogen power right at home instead of having to go out and buy gas that's been dug up from the earth through some extensive mining process.

Hydroelectric Power Generation


You've probably heard that electricity and water don't mix, one a way with this method they actually do!


Hydroelectic power is a great way to generate energy that is fully renewable and a very low polluter.  In fact, the only pollution from this comes from the manufacturing of the generator itself.  Depending on the technology and size of the generator used, there is little limit to the amount of electricity that can be generated.  The only limitation with the method of electrical generation is that you have to have enough water to push the turbine.  If you used a river, you could potentially stack generators for miles nearly end to end creating all the electricity you could ever need!

Solar Cells and Panels


The sun's rays are said to hit the earth with enough energy on a daily basis to cover our electrical needs for the whole world all year!


  Modern solar cells are at their infancy compared to their full potential, but people all over are working on improving the efficiency, reducing material cost, the type of materials needed to things more common, and the method for building them.


There are methods being looked into to be able to paint a solar cell on to an object just as you would paint a wall.


Thanks to recent advancements we can now make transparent solar cells.  The end goal of transparent solar cells is the ability to have windows in your home or office building that produce power without blocking the sunlight out.


Solar Steam Power


These days, when we hear "Solar Powered", we tend to think of large solar panels, but this just isn't the case all the time.  In some situations, solar can be direct solar usage (usually through heat from the sun instead of converted electrical energy).  Concentrated Solar Energy is one of those forms.  Be it a parabolic mirror, or just a curved metal plate, reflecting the sun's rays to concentrate them can provide enormous amounts of heat energy.  This energy can be used to cook with, heat water, or even heat your home.  Once you heat the water, you could either store it for several hours or use it to create electricity in a steam power generator.

Wind Power


When you hear "Wind Power", what does that make you think of?


If you're like most people, then you probably thought of wind mills.  While that's a common thought, what we're talking about is a little different.


If you've ever flown a kite, you'll notice that the higher you fly the kite the stronger the winds tend to be.  In fact, low to the ground it can be hard to get the kite to stay in the air in the first place.  This form of wind power generation takes advantage of this and instead of using a wind mill that's only tapping into the really low winds, it uses types of "kites" that go higher and tap into the stronger winds.  These winds are constant, and with the new method, can generate more energy from a smaller generator saving a lot of material compared to traditional wind mills.

Paintable Solar Cells

Stirling Engines


A stirling engine uses the temperature difference between two areas to generate force on a plate which turns a turbine.  The spinning of this turbine can then be used for either physical energy movement such as motion for a vehicle or transferred into electrical energy with a generator attached depending on how it's built.

Transparent Solar Cells

There are many ways to generate power (or collect energy) from envirnmentally friendly means.  Energy is all around us and it's just a matter of learning how to tap into this energy in order to make use of it.  Below are some of these methods.

Wood Gasification


The concept of wood gasification is similar to having a camp fire.  The big difference being how it gets burned off.  In a gasification system, the molecules are split apart from each other prior to the burning process so it burns similarly to that of gas vapors instead of a huge log that struggles to get oxygen to it.

Earth Battery


Contrary to the name, "Earth Battery", it is actually a form of producing power (or more accurately, collecting energy).  With an earth battery, you can produce power with as simple of a setup as two different kinds of metal stuck into wet dirt.  Granted, if that's all you do, the power output will be very low.  There are different ways to implement the design to improve the overall power output.  These aspects include what type of metal you use, the type of electrolyte (substance such as water), the surface area of the metal, and even the dirt itself, if any dirt at all (in situations of using an electrolyte solution instead of dirt and water).  Of course, you might not be able to call it an earth battery if you take away the earth!


  The concept is that the earth itself carries energy in it and by wetting the ground you are connecting the dirt throughout an area and tapping into this energy.  Different electrolytes will enhance this ability as well as the different types of metal used.  Earth Batteries will never be a huge power generator, so don't expect to stick two metal rods into the ground and run your house with it, but with the right design, you could trickle charge smaller objects on a camping trip, or possibly line a large pond to power a very energy efficient home with it. 

Zero Emission Wood Gasification


There are new laws coming out lately about carbon pollution and it may soon be illegal to have a fire in your own fireplace.  That's what makes zero emission wood gasification such a great design.  It is built in a way that there is nearly no pollution from it at all.  (About 99% carbon emission free)