While researching as a nonprofit company paves the way for a better future for humanity, it doesn't pay the bills.  This is where camping comes into play.


By the spring of 2021 we will start hosting R.V. camping on our land. 


The camping location will be on the beautiful Mount Zion, West Virginia in an area nearly untouched by man.



By donating to come to the land you are by default agreeing to these rules, so know them!


  You do not live here, so we can kick you off the land without long term notice if you do not follow the rules.  If you get kicked off the land for not following the rules, you will NOT get a refund. (Long term volunteers are the exception to this.) 


1.  Do No Harm - Be good to each other, don't insult, harass, hit, fight with others, or worse. 


2.  No Theft - Stealing anything, including extra electricity that you have not been approved to tap into is not allowed.  If you take something that isn't yours, you may be subject to legal action as well as getting kicked off the land.


3.  No Off Limits Areas - If it's an off limits area, and you enter it, you may get kicked off the land.  "I didn't know" is not acceptable, neither is "I didn't see the sign".  Those that earn the privilege of being in an off limits area will see what's there, others are not allowed for good reason.  (Long term volunteers are only subject to some of these.)


4.  No Brandishing Weapons - If you have a weapon you must keep it properly locked away.  We have designated areas for camping for a reason.  If you feel an area is not safe for any reason, please get us and do not try to handle it alone.  (This does not apply to long term volunteers.)


5.  No Loud Noise Late at Night -  Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. noise will be kept to a minimum.  Some areas and situations may be the exception to the rule.  (These actual time frames may change as needed.)


6.  Be Honest - Lying, especially when it causes harm to others, is not acceptable and may get you kicked off the land. 


7.  No Buying or Selling - No buying or selling on the land, trading with others is okay, but we wish to promote a spirit of unity, not competition.


8. No Nudity -  No showing genitals in public.  This includes the anus.


9.  No loose animals - No animals should be running around loose.  Leash your pets.


10.  No Littering - No tossing trash on the ground for any reason.  This includes animal poop anywhere that isn't intended for fertilizer.  Clean up after yourself in general.


As time goes on there may be more rules to come, so if you are planning to be on the land, check back here often to be sure.


gallery/rv camp grounds 2

Camping rentals not yet available.  Rentals set to be available by spring of 2021.


Rental Costs


All prices are subject to prepay.


These rental prices do not include power or water -


Nightly $25


3 Day weekend $50


Weekly $100


Monthly $300


Yearly $3,000


Lifetime vacation stays (5 days a year for 50 years) $3,000


(Power and water inclusive prices will come once power and water rental spots are available and those that reserve spots now will be given a free upgrade when available)